Monday, 26 September 2011

Stolen Optimism.

Last week I lost my laptop.

And when I say ‘lost my laptop’, I mean that I left it on top of my car. And then drove off.  And then it fell off the roof of my car. And then I drove over it.  And then I couldn’t find it.

But my faith in the human race (which had been diminished by my own ridiculous behavior) was soon boosted again when the laptop was returned to a nearby police station.

Then yesterday, while trying to connect to the internet on my new tiny-laptop (which replaced broken laptop-original), I found out that there was no longer a SIM card in my internet connector thingy.  Yes, the internet connector thingy SIM card was missing. Gone. Stolen.

I should point out that even though it’s not the first time I’ve had something stolen, I have a relatively persistent optimism regarding us humans (my own brain-failings make for one obvious exception).  I even once had my groceries stolen from the back-seat of my car while at the video shop.

When the groceries were taken, my theory was that someone who was really hungry was probably now happily eating my Crunchola, with their Crunchola deprived family, with big Crunchola smiles, and thinking that they’d have thanked me if they hadn’t had to ‘rush off’.

This time it’s different though... I tried on a couple of theories, like ‘maybe they are building an environmentally-sustainable house for homeless youths entirely out of SIM cards’. But that didn’t seem to cut it.

The best I can come up with is that maybe they accidentally left my SIM card on top of their car and drove off. And then drove over it. And they would have given it back, but they couldn’t find it.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Effortless awesome.

So, a blog. I’ve read one or two. Actually just one, but I liked it a lot. I felt clever because all of a sudden reading was effortless and awesome.

Having been a bloggest for a couple of minutes now, I’m realising that ‘effortless awesome’ comes alongside words like ‘talent’ and ‘persistence’… possibly both. Scrambled eggs are effortlessly awesome and yet have neither… how do they do it?

Some background. I recently quit my fancy-ish job in a Local Goverment in order to do fun things like play my guitar, work on charity projects, find a super fun job, and generally have an alright time. I’ll probably talk more about this later, but not now lest I get a little too self indulgent (read: run out of bloggy material).

Let’s get cracking.

Government instills you with an unexplained need to write an agenda for all activities. Lists, lists and more lists. ‘Eat lunch’, ‘take bins out’, ‘ring lady’ etc. ‘Write Blog’ was on today's, just so you know.

The agenda for this blog, into it’s bloggery future is as follows:

1. General Business
2. Other stuff like photos and anything else I can figureout how to   attach to my computer (on the inside, not the outside).
3. Frock of the Day (over the course of October – to raise cash and awareness for ovarian cancer research, see I’ll be wearing a different dress everyday and, like a sentimental dress-weirdo, talk about what they mean to me.
4. Resolutions (I doubt there will be many of those)

Hopefully along the way all of this will amount to some degree of effortless awesome. For now I will settle for bloggy fun.