Friday, 6 April 2012

The Soggy Weetbix of Opinions.

You may have noticed that many of my blog posts have taken a distinct ‘Here’s something silly that happened to me’ flavour. This happens quite often, because this happens quite often.

A lot of the time it’s easier to write about ‘things that happen’, rather than things that I think about things/incidents/animals/foods in a broader sense. Because as hard as you might try, you can’t disagree with me about things that happened to me unless you were there (which I don’t think you were. And even if you were, I doubt that you read this blog).

So that brings me to my belief that a fear of sharing one’s opinion has two folds.

Fold 1. Fear that the opinion may be ill informed and wrong wrong wrong.

Fold 2. Fear that the opinion-ee won’t agree with the opinion at hand, and won’t want to be sit with you on the bus anymore (or equivalent).

But that’s a bit of a cop out really isn’t it? One can’t live one’s life keeping their mouth shut. How would they get food in there? And really, no one wants to sit at the back of the bus with someone who has nothing to say. That would be boring and weird (unless you a stranger to me, and then they should ALWAYS keep your mouth shut).

My nerdy, opinionated freind Wikipedia just today defined ‘opinion’ as ‘a subjective belief, and is the result of emotion or interpretation of facts’. My subjective emotional belief based on these of these wiki-facts, is that this is quite interesting.

Facts huh? Does this mean I would be wisest to have ALL the facts when I decide to have an opinion? Otherwise I could potentially make an opinion-ass of myself.

And if so, than it should only be on very special, rare occasions that I have any opinion at all.  And only after extensive and expensive research done by university students in white coats (and not the ones who stand behind the make-up counter at Myer).  And if not, than any old person can have any old soggy-weetbix opinion about anything that they know something, or nothing, about.


But… I don’t want to have a soggy weetbix, ill-thought-out opinions. I only want the best ones. I want to have crunchy-muesli-with-fruit-and-nuts sort of opinions! I guess for now, while I can’t afford to pay university students to undertake extensive and expensive trials, all I can do is try and get react to the most factual facts, and try not to make an opinion ass of myself. And hopefully you’ll still want to sit with me on the bus (or equivilant).

My unreliable internet wouldn't allow me to upload a picture, so I will describe it for you. This picture (not attached) was found in a sewing magazine, of a pyjama-clad family. The father, who is reasonable attractive, is wearing pyjamas with puppies on them. Presumably the wife is disappointed with this turn of events, which one can only assume occurred began when she started sewing the family's pyjamas (or he did). So no-one can really be sure who's to blame.'